In the Taveta area is not a whole lot of work opportunities, the only big work opportunities is when a road is being constructed, and that only lasts a few months. Until now, Taveta Kisima Farms provides hundreds of people constant work within all of our different sectors. Our farm is still in the beginning stage, our aim is to provide a lot more work opportunities in the upcoming future.

We are currently busy with a big project that will include the community, and all of the local farmers that is willing to part take. We will help local farmers prepare their land for planting with our equipment, we will also provide crop seed. When the crops is ready to be harvested we will provide equipment, but for every crop harvested we will have an buy back agreement. The same idea with the fish, we will provide local fish farmers with fingerlings from our hatchery for free, and when the fish is harvested we will have an buy back agreement.