Taveta Kisima Farms Horticulture sector is currently still being planned. Our main objective for this sector is to produce different type of crops with the use of pivots. There will be total 5 pivots with a main focus on potato, and feed for our cattle.



All pivots will be imported from South Africa with the idea to provide water for our crops throughout the year. Water being provided via streams from Njoro Spring we will be able to keep our dams filled up for irrigation even through very dry seasons, and insure that all of our crops is top quality, and healthy.



Our main focus for crops will be on potato for the crisp chips market, and then different type of crops in between rotations to keep the ground fertile.

Image by mahdis mousavi


One of our objectives is to plant 500 acres of banana trees to help, and support the upcoming banana pulp factory here in Taveta.



In between rotations we will be planting feed for our animals, a mixture of maize, sorghum, and Lucerne. With state of the art machinery we will be able to produce silage bales that can increase the quality of feed we produce for our animals.