We are very proud to present you with one of the most advance feedlot system in Kenya. Currently being able to hold 500 cattle, but prospects is to increase the size to about 6000 heads of cattle. Using state of the art machinery, and equipment to make sure we produce the best possible cattle.



Here at Taveta Kisima Farms we pride our self with top quality cattle with the help of our modern feedlot, and a good breed of steers. With the feedlot we can closely monitor our cattle's feed intake, and also we can insure that our cattle receive a nutritional, good balanced diet for the best possible weight gain, and good quality, tender meat. 

We weight our cattle every second week to insure that they are performing, and then inspect the cattle for physical problems. If any problem is found, we treat them immediately with our on duty veterinarian.



Taveta kisima Farms is registered with Boran Cattle Breeders Society, this meaning we are a registered boran stud that can provide top quality purebred boran bulls. This helps us to insure that we provide the best breed of bulls for our feedlot, and also good breeding bulls for our registered herd, and heifers.



We have a large herd of Boran cows that provides us with top quality calves. Our calves is weaned on 8 months, steers is moved into our feedlot until the optimum weight for slaughter is reached. Heifers is moved into a herd, and when the correct age is reached, one of our stud bulls with be placed with them.