Taveta Kisima Farms aquaculture sector is currently under construction, but our end goal is to produce 30 000 tons of Tilapia a year. We will have our of hatchery to produce top quality male fingerlings without the use of any hormones.



The ponds is currently under construction, but on completion there will be a total amount of 64 earthen ponds, that will be used to grow our fish from 3 grams to desired size. Currently 7 ponds is completed with an aim to have 11 completed by the end of the year. The ponds will be harvested every 6 months, and will be stocked twice a year.



Taveta Kisima Farms state of the art Tilapia Hatchery is also under construction with the capacity to produce a total of 50 million fingerlings a year. Eggs is harvested from our broodstock, and then placed in a incubator until hatched. The fry is then will then be moved to the fingerling system where they will be kept until a weight of 0.5 grams is reached. After the fingerling system they are moved to the juvenile system where they are kept until a weight of 3 grams, then they are moved to the earthen ponds. Throughout the different stages of the Tilapia, top quality feed is given to insure all fry, fingerlings, and juveniles all are healthy.



YY Technology male, and female Nile Tilapia is imported from the Netherlands for breeding. The main reason for importing these specific males, and females is to produce a better quality fingerling with better growth, and the most important reason is that all fingerlings produced is 100% male. All male fingerlings is better for fish farming for two reasons, their growth rate is a lot faster than female, and no inbreeding can occur in the earthen ponds. This helps to prevent a lot of unwanted small Tilapia that can lead to overstocking ponds.