In the late 18th century a young man by the name of Ewart Grogan walked from Cape Town, South Africa, to Cairo, Egypt to provehis love to Gertrude Watt. His stepfather disapproved the match, but if he succeeded he would be suitable. In 1900 he reached Cairo after traveling for two, and a half years. After his success his stepfather approved, and he married Gertrude. After the first world war Ewart Grogan has built himself a very successful business including a ranch at Longonot, the Equator Saw mill, a rice mill and factory in Mwanza, land at Turi, a ranch on the Athi plains and a Kingatori coffee farm. He sold all these assets to finance his next project here in Taveta, and this is where he spent most of his time. He invested a fortune to successfully irrigate and develop arid scrub into fertile productive land. He also invested in very large fish ponds, a total of 32 ponds to produce Tilapia. In his later years Grogan lived out his live in Taveta, Kenya until his death in South Africa at an age of 92.


Our Vision

Our vision is to follow in the footsteps of Grogan, and focus on large scale agriculture. Our short term vision is to increase the size of our feedlot to a total of 6000 head of cattle, and with this help to improve the overall quality of meat provided to markets. Aquaculture is also part of our short term vision, we are busy with building the necessary structures for our fish hatchery, and earthen ponds. We are aim is to produce 30 000 ton of Tilapia a year, and provide Kenya with top quality natural Tilapia. Our long term vision is to setup pivots to provide crops to different markets in Kenya.